What do Global VIP TV offer in the way of TV ?

Global VIP TV Subscriptions starting at $20 USD per month, the subscription includes thousands of video on demand movies in HD*, 950+ Global channels in SD and HD*Get access to exclusive HD channels for your favorite TV Shows, Movies & Sports. You can browse through our wide selection of Live TV & VoD from numerous languages. We have the Complete Packages of 950+ Global Channels of them including Canadian,American,English.

We also have the largest selection of HD channels shows in 1080p or 720p, With all NBA, NFL, NHL, NCCAF, NCCAB, EPL(3PM KICKOFFS) League Passes being in HD, Global VIPTV package has over 150+ HD channels and Global VIPTV Sports section has 80+ HD channels.

Supporting Devices and Players

Global VIPTV - premium iptv service works on all MQx Boxes, Android TVs, Smart TVs, Android Fire Stick, Perfect Player,Kodi and any device that will accept M3U playlists. You also get access to a new EPG service specifically created for the channels on Global VIPTV. You also get loads of EXTRA services created by us & ONLY for Global VIPTV customers that is all ways being updated and upgraded.

Why Global VIP TV?

-We strive our time and days to make this service the best
-We have Excellent team!
-We also have Live Help Desk. (Any Questions or Concerns will be anwsered)
We provide a lot more for your money than any other service provider could give you. We are all ways looking at new things to add to the service that We think users would like improving the addon and extra services. So it really is a quality and dedicated service!

Channel List

The channel list below are the active channels at this moment. We add channels continuously.

Premium Channels

Sports Channels

Indian Channels

US Channels

Canadian Channels

UK Channels

French Channels

Spain Channels

Italian Channels

Irish Channels

Latino Channels

German / Danish / Austrian Channels

Portuguese Channels

Filipino Channels

Pakistani Channels

Afghani Channels

Arabic Channels

Punjabi Channels

Tamil Channels

Malayalam Channels

Marathi Channels

Gujarathi Channels

Tamil Channels

Hindi Channels

Punjabi Channels

Bangla Channels

Urdu Channels

Arabic Channels

Kids Channels

English HD/UHD Channels

English SD Channels

Sports Channels

Movies Channels

News Channels

Malayalam Channels

Telugu Channels

Gujrati Channels

Marati Channels

Kannada Channels

Singala Channels

Nepalese Channels

Filipino Channels